taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-06-18 05:54:41 (UTC)

sink sank sunk

shout out to the person on the 5th floor for *checks notes* leaving your kitchen sink running long enough to turn my closet into a, ehm, water closet. on the second floor.

hashtag we live in a society slash building. somehow only like 6 of my shirts got tagged and one suitcase. extremely looking forward to having the entire contents of my closet mingling about in the living room whilst the soggy old closet gets torn for a new one during an unspecified but surely multi-week timeline . thx neighbour. wasn't white knuckling it enough lately BRO.

positive: the drying fan noise syncs well with my sleep aid white noise sound things.

theories. another time.

actual shout out to dad for showing up heroically and helping me clean and dry. truly worthy of upcoming father's day accolades.