Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-06-17 19:27:31 (UTC)

Date, duck and sub

So as the ticker chimes and time keeps moving, so does the section of my life around dating and meeting someone aligned with me.

Kenty and I haven't spoken much, very sparsely. I am a communicator and over-flowing with expression; he is not, LOL. So even though our date is booked for Saturday, I have already replaced him with a builder who lives nearby who I have been chatting to for a few days via the dating app. (now in the Whatsapp tribe, lol). Kenty does not know yet. I am still simmering him; see what happens tonight if the tides turn. I still go ahead. I'll have two dates on Saturday (coffee meets).

I will never accept a sit-down meal for first dates as I won't put myself in that awkward position. I can't think of anything worse than sitting through a meal with someone you know you don't mesh with in person. I am mannered and ladylike outside of the bedroom, so I wouldn't walk in and walk out, I'd tell him I'm not interested any longer and thank him for his time etc.

My sub (Jay) is eager to see me, and we arranged next week on the weekday. I have jobs for him to do also, so he can do that while I am working in my office at home. He does a mean foot massage, too, so he can do that too. Jay is a simplified submissive, not fkn crazy and the furthest his kinks go are the fascination with my high heels and my feet. He is a domestic submissive, and to be fair, he makes my life that much easier. Who'd of thought I'd have a strong fit man doing all my housework for me, aye? LOL, funny what the Universe brings me. Appreciated all the same.

I blocked the loony guy on the dating app; he just wouldn't go away and kept sending random odd questions and then felt its right to question my lifestyle and decisions. Swiftly he was removed.

Ed got very romantic and sexy last night with me. We do have a tight connection, Ed and me. We have for a few years now, however never have we had sex because I haven't accepted. Come very close! But stuck to my guns, yes I have fucked married men before, three, but I knew I would never have feelings for them, and I never did. Ed knows if we come together, both would ignite, and it wouldn't just be scary intense filthy sex; he agrees with me. He says we have a beautifully weird friendship because we share daily things and sexy things like we're together for years now, but we aren't together. We both had our windows open last night and built up an imaginary fuck session together in the rain and thunder. It was delicious. :) Mwah, Ed. xx I think Ed still reads my diary too.

Adonis is being boring, nothing else to say there. LOL

The scientist has tried to nudge me to come off the dating app. He said I was too good to be in a place like that and that he is thinking of deleting it. Yeah, yeah, that trick is old news.

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