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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-06-17 18:49:00 (UTC)

Brave Girl

Not my original words, but this is for my daughter (shared offline) and all the young girls out there...

I hope you never play small, brave girl. I hope you never have to shrink yourself down or soften your sound simply to fit into the hum of the world. I hope your wildest dreams don't scare you and that you are never afraid to let your sound be heard. I hope you fail and mess up sometimes because that means you're trying new things and going for bigger dreams...And most of all, I hope you never, ever let those moments stop you from chasing. Because if you keep climbing, if you keep squeezing out every drop of effort you possibly can, brave girl, know that your divine melody will echo across the seas and stars endlessly.

I hope today you remember that the sky is not humiliated by its vastness,
And the mountains remain unashamed of their height.
Mother earth and her oceans are not afraid of their size,
And the sun is not concerned if someone has to squint their eyes - it will shine, and it will not apologise for its light.
And like the trees that teach us that it's ok to lose our leaves as the season's change and then come back to life,
I hope that nature teaches us to look at ourselves and be kind.
I hope that we don't dim or shrink or fold into spaces far too tight.
Yes, today I hope you look at yourself, and you are kind.


My daughter tried on a dress for the first time (by choice) earlier. I took her to TKmaxx to return some clothes that didn't fit her right, she is tall and slim. She said, "Mum, can you help me find a dress that might suit me" I was taken aback, my daughter has always been a t-shirt girl, but with a hidden eclectic taste of old school days, I'm talking victorian times but was too afraid to show it. I'm so pleased she has decided to explore this more now. Fortunately for her, some dresses, tops, and long skirts victorian style with a twist of modern days are everywhere right now, so it begins....She showed me some old victorian styles of buttoned-up feminine tops and long skirts with belts; she doubted if others would view her well if she wore what she was drawn to. I told her, "As it is, your friends and even your enemies in school follow everything you do; when you cut your hair, they all did the same, trying to get the same style. When you play up to school rules they follow, they choose to follow you because you are unashamed to be you." My daughter is not a confrontational girl, and she is sophisticated and calm and a clever, well thought out girl. She challenges her teachers sometimes when she has a different view or a questionable notion, and they will send her out of the room or give her detentions. As it stands, when I get an email from the school telling me, they are giving her detention and she MUST attend it. I email them back and tell them she will not be attending with no explanation and text my daughter to meet me at the usual pickup point. I might not be able to provide private schooling for my daughter whereby they teach children wholly different and honour freedom of thought and mind, but I certainly will not raise my daughter to be taught that voicing her views are to be punished. I support her imagination and freedom of thought and always.

She made me laugh earlier when she was trying on her clothes at home. Our kitten was hanging out with us as always and meowing away (she is very chatty and verbal), and my daughter said playfully, "Ewww Binky, stop being a paedo looking up my skirt!"