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2021-06-17 11:15:28 (UTC)

I'm bad at times 😈

Sometimes I can be a little bad at times. Don't know where that streak comes from. Just the other day, someone posted a question. "What ingredients don't you like that is a deal breaker in any dish?" Some answers were....okra, mayo, onions, etc, etc My answer? "Pubes". ðŸĪŠ

Another time I go around before gym class starts and I ask how they are. Normal safe greetings somewhat you know? Most peeps say fine, good, ok. One lady said, "No good". I told here that being at the gym is the best place you can be. After gym, you'll feel a lot better no matter what the issue is. Then I went on to say "I always feel great after gym, only two things would get me down after a good workout, If someone dented my truck or if I got kicked in the balls". Don't know why or how that came out because I almost always never speak in such language but that day I did.

Then this morning, I go and have my customary cup of coffee in bed. Coming back from the kitchen, I sit back on my bed and got to put my coffee down on the night stand on the right. But before I could do that, I have to push this little itty bitty small glass that's smaller than a wine glass but bigger than a shot glass to the side. In it was vodka from the night before. It was nothing but it made me laugh.

I forget sometimes how lucky I am. Living such a carefree life at times doing what I want when I want. Never taking that for granted. So it's not hard to smile in the mornings. Thankful for what I have instead of what I don't have. Have a good day everyone. 😊