Experienced Life
2021-06-16 09:05:50 (UTC)

When those lips touch 😊

That morning cup of coffee that is. Oh so nice. Instant calmness and relaxing at the first sip of my hot cup of coffee. Giving it time to work it's magic so I perk up and get cranking up for work. Still sitting up on bed but I'm "teleworking" so haha, it's all good. Cell phone on one side of me, coffee on the night stand on the other side of me. Laptop on my lap. Should be a light load today. Got some important mtgs to cover for some of my projects but time wise, booked my mtgs far enough apart so I have time in-between .

My friends are going camping this weekend. I spoke to Heidi last night at the bar about it and told her my break-in period for my truck still hasn't hit the 500 mile mark. She offered to haul most of my gear and I can use my Acura TL and still go. I'll see. Bear River Reservoir doesn't have any fish. Been fishing there yearly and never caught anything. If I go, I won't bring my kayak. So yeah... small chance I'll go to this one. But it's not like I have a lot of things going on this weekend so it'll be a coin flip.

I spoke to my other friend last night at the bar and told him we should hit the casinos again soon. So we'll see. This weekend and next is not a good weekend for us but he suggested the weekday sometime. Not sure if I can swing that one. Got too much work to do during the week. If we do go, I think we'll be going to Thunder Valley Casino. No crap tables but they do have black jack so that's my thang too. It's fun playing and I'm good enough to last hrs and hrs going up and down so it'll just be fun entertainment. Not gonna break the casino bank nor mine. 😱

More and more people are signing up for our gym. People must've been going bat poop crazy staying at home all this time (with moi as an exception). So we have a surge of new gym peeps. I may sing up for one of our classic 6 week challenge. We got all sorts. Strength training, weight loss, fat % loss, and one more I forgot but I may sign up for one. Maybe a hybrid fat % loss and strength training. I'm sure they'll accommodate me on this. Especially the meal plans needed to achieve my goals. That'll mean I may have to cut down on the vino. Maybe just a glass of wine at night but I'll see when I speak to the nutritionalist.

That's all I got for now. Smile everyone. Did you know doing that even when there is no reason to, it will still make your body release happy chemicals that'll make you feel better? Give it a try. Try it in a public place. You may end up getting a smile back or maybe even scoring a dude or dudette. Worse case people will give you space on a crowded bus or train thinking you're nuts. Either way it's a win-win situation 🤪

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