If I die today
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2021-06-16 05:52:02 (UTC)

starting the day

Dinner was a hit last nigth with nDea he even said I could eat this once a week. Cheeseburger mac n cheese so I used Annie's macn cheese white shells and hamburger of course green pepper onion a few canned tomatoes onio powder garlic and a few small leafs of spinach mixed in the noodles chicken broth milk and the box chesse plus added more cheese as simmered. I starte to have like ear scratchy throat allergy like sypmtoms last nigtht still kinda feeling it. The weather was high winds yesterday so Maybe a rinse is due or the last ricne or well maybe the whole (weed) smoking thing isnt for me. Took a melation before bed last night at 830 I felt soo wound up I assumed it was nessary. I did dream not nightmares thou. Woke up once then the second wake up was just in time around 5 so at 515 I turned on the coffee. I just got some sorta sweet text from nDea but I accident activated the updates on my phone instead of reading it but the top said havea nice day. I love that man. so sweet his work starts in about 2min unless they work him right when he arrives IDK what he does. its 58 now so I figure I can relaxe wathc a show then start to get a move on I need to run for sure and chores making crock pot speghetti today. I gotta figure out what sorta wierd sh!t just happend with this updayte but mayeb later. Just as in I'm supsios not that my phone is acting funny. I need to put in the apllication too for lease online today too I guess I ll see if I can do that and pay the 50. Anyhow not to much happening