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2021-06-16 02:54:47 (UTC)

The world is somewhat returning to normal ☺️

CA lifted their Covid restrictions!!! We are now fully open to do as we please pretty much. Since getting vaccinated is a personal medical thing, they use the honer system so if you got your shots, you don't need to wear masks if you choose not to. But yeah, no one is gonna fess up that they didn't get their shots and not wear a mask.

Hit the gym early today so I weren't with my normal peeps but I knew some people there anyway. No one wore masks. This session only had 3 guys including me. Not the biggest crowd but maybe a couple dozen in the class. One lady said it's nice to see the handsome men again. Well, Since there were only 3 of us, I figured that I had a 33% chance I was included. hehe. Nah, I'm fool of poop sometimes. But she actually did say that. No masks at the gym came at a perfect time too. We got alerts for high heat warnings. Even when the AC is running in the gym, I can feel the heat. I was dripping all over the place and having a soaked mask would have sucked. But now I have free reign to breath with no resistance anymore. Feels great. Been many many months. In fact, almost a couple years now I guess? Maybe 1 1/2 years.

After gym, I went straight to my meetup friends party at this bar that's close to home and I didn't even know about it all this time. Met my usual friends again and even some that I haven't seen for a few years. It was nice to see them again. Nice to see all of them actually. There were about a couple dozen of us. We had drinks, food, karaoke, and some dancing. I was in my gym clothes. 🤪

So there you have it. My world as I know it has started to open up again. This opens many more paths in life that can walk down and trip over. 🤪 I'm looking forward to see what happens soon.