If I die today
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2021-06-15 15:40:31 (UTC)

blah blah

I;ve had a bit to smoke since lunch.. no reason I dont think I have a reason other than blah this is me. IT rained enough to be a drag at like 1-3ish right when I finally got around to doing laundry so in and out going to the laundry matt thing. I had a nap after laundry. Then went to leasing office with nDea after work . Anyhow the basics first before my ranting of this mess thats in my head and thinking. slept from close to 11 last night till just minutes before 5am. no run today did a 20min walk with the dog then walked myself to the store and omg I'm still not enrooled in that eccestrics streaming yet bc I just hvnt done it so I guess thats the extent of my working out today. I'm not on the lease theeres an online backround check I need to do for 50$ C monster called before 445 wth why does she HAVE to call him right when he gets off work and okay he's probally doing the best he can things I dont understand but I cant see why he has to answer. This morning I screwed up and unkinwoling got coffe grinds all over the floor and that set the tone for an overwhelming day bc I feel like I cant do shit right and he speficlly asked me to sweep. Well I gotta go I'm gonna start dinner while he showers but I'm sure I'll have more an update tommore

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