Mundane Daily Life
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2021-06-15 19:45:39 (UTC)

15 June 2021

Continuing from yesterday, my friend posted another status regarding the picture she posted the day before. (It's only a status, so it doesn't last for more than 24 hours. And she usually deleted it a few hours after she posted something anyway).

"I couldn't find a razor, but I did found a nail that was sharp enough"

. . . was she talking about the day before I wonder ? I mean, she didn't do it hard enough for it to break her skin, but still. . nails are not sterile.

then I wonder again, why would she share that kind of detail with everyone ? she deleted it after an hour or two, but some people must have seen it already. I saw it. And honestly I don't know what should I do about that girl.

Should I even say something ? A word from a stranger means almost nothing. .

Is she looking for help or it's just for the attention ?

still, I'm just rambling here instead of actually doing something because I don't even know what should I do about it.

as an almost stranger I could only observe and I hope if she has a close friend, they could help her with it. .

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