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2021-06-15 10:59:53 (UTC)

A balmy morning. Kind of warm ..

A balmy morning. Kind of warm with just a hint of this cool, refreshing layer to the air like the blending of 2 wonderful flavors.

Feeling rather uninspired otherwise. Not exactly sure what will happen now that my superiors have finally dumped so much work on me that its now impossible to manage when someone takes a week off. The frustrating thing of course is that we will be left with the blame and outrage when things aren't done in a timely manner even though indeed it is their own fault for grossly mismanaging things in the first place. There are a lot of bad leaders in the world, huh? I guess its human nature to get caught up in a desired title or status but actual problem solving ability or democracy for the pursuit of better informed decision making just doesn't exist. My boss has the habit of going around asking how things are, then completely dismisses you when you say stuff like, "well, actually it's been really overwhelming. Its harder to manage since we were asked to do so and so" And then its like, "well you're managing afterall so thats all that matters". Ugh, its enough to drive you crazy. It really is. Its no wonder that like 8 people have quit in the past year including one nurse that snapped and didn't even give 2 weeks notice. One day at a time I guess. Sadly, we are completely powerless over some things.