The Next Chapter
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2021-06-15 00:29:46 (UTC)

First Voice Lesson

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day lately. I'm so tired.

Today I started voice lessons at The Music Academy. It went surprisingly well. Not at all what I expected.

I thought it would be.. learning to read music.. like notes and stuff. But when I walked in, she asked me what I was singing. Kinda felt like an audition for

When I told her I didn't know she seemed surprised. I told her what I thought was going to happen, and she was like.. you pay me to learn to sing. So we gonna

At that point I chose the song Wicked Games by Raign. I love her voice.

Anyways, my instructor was impressed. She said that I have an amazing voice. The only thing that I need to learn is how to breathe. And keep my mouth open.
She says once that I conquer that, I could actually be a singer if I wanted to be.

The thought of that sounds amazing..and also horrifying 😳..😆 I'm afraid that a mixture of anxiety and stage fright might get the best of me on that.

Near the end of our session she just wanted to jam out. Together we sang Broken Hallelujah.

That song brang back so many thoughts and memories of Mistress... It was like a movie in my mind of all the time we spent together. Good times and bad alike. It gave me chills.

I had a dream about her last night. I thought it was strange because we haven't talked in a three, maybe four years.

But thinking about it, maybe it wasn't about her?? I don't actually remember her being there. I just remember the feeling of her in a place we only fantasized about visiting.

It was a hotel that overlooked the ocean. And nearby was the boardwalk. It was a crisp sunny day near its end. The sunset was amazing. A full sky of pink, puple and orange highlighted by a golden sun that was half hidden behind cotton like clouds. ☁️

The dream was so real to me.. I could feel the gentle sting of the crip winter air against my skin.. and at the same time I also was looking to the sky and could feel the sun on my face.

I'm not one that likes to be cold. Once the temp dips below 70, I don't leave the house unless I absolutely have But it was well below that in my dream because there was ice on the ground. Something that I also found oddly beautiful as it glistened under the setting sun.

I wonder what this dream was actually about?? Because like I said... I don't remember her being there. But I felt her. Does that make sense?

Usually if I think about her, I get sad and depressed because I just miss her so much. But in this dream, and even after waking.. I felt really calm and at peace.

Anyway, I got another 60 hour work week ahead of me, followed by my next voice lesson on Monday (my only day off) ugh..
I'm supposed to find and practice three songs for next week. One rock, one pop, and one country. I have no clue which I want to choose.. lol

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