Experienced Life
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2021-06-14 23:18:52 (UTC)

Yay!!! Finally!! 😃

Nope. Didn't get laid so the news isn't as great as I'd like. hehe. jk. Our gym is now fully open!!!! No more masks if you're vaccinated (on an honor system)! No more limits to how many can sign up for a class. I don't have to choke on my mask anymore. I know what some peeps are saying. It's not choking you at all right? Well, try getting your heart rate up to 170 beats per min. Mask soaked from sweat so it feels like you're being waterboarded. Not really but it is hard to breath with a soaked mask. With the limited capacity per class and having a mask on, it was harder to meet new friends and to you know....flirt a little. Not looking to date in class but it's like poking the bear or playing with fire. hehe. I'm in the "cool kids clique" so yeah, Covid kinda cramped my mojo a little.

I think I may just sign up for our gyms next "6 week challenge". I gained some muscle since Covid came along but I know I got more fat on me now. Before, I used to be able to stand a certain way, the right angle, with the light hitting just right and I'd look like I have a V shaped body🏋️‍♂️. Now!? No matter what I do and how much I suck in my gut, I look like I have an O shaped body. Not liking it and it's all my fault 🥺. I wish someone would invent diet wine 🍷🤪.

Otherwise, life is good. Drama free. My group is camping again this weekend but I can't go because my truck only has 200 out of 500 miles broken in so far. Heidi won't like hearing that but my baby needs some loving (yes, talking about my truck). My Lihuanian friend that's now a nurse texted me today to see how I'm doing. Small chit chat. We talking about where we'd like to go for vaca now that the world is getting back to normal. I want to visit Europe. Maybe my Sis will go to S Korea this year or soon. That'd be cool if I could piggyback on her timeshare. I'd like to visit the East coast of Canada this time. I enjoyed the West side a couple years ago. Forgot the places I went to. Vancouver I think and then we went on a ship and went to an island? Victoria sounds familiar but meh.. forgot. I do recall the Ice Wine, that big long bridge that I was rocking side-to-side and bouncing as much as I could till I got scolded on loud speaker to not rock the bridge. But.... I had to because because. Dang Americans. Can't take them anywhere I tell you. haha. I believe this was sometime in Oct 2019. You can hear the lady on loudspeaker and that was because of me. It's cool that my camera took care of the jitter and bouncing around I was doing.

That's it for now. So excited about the good news. Woohoo!!! 🥳