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2021-06-15 02:58:05 (UTC)

Capricorns Just Look Cool...

I've really never listened to BTS before. I'm somewhat familiar with "Dynamite" and I really like "Butter." I only checked those songs out, though because I heard them in Roomie videos. Lol.

Anyways, on the first verse of "Butter" I really like the part V sings. His voice is a little raspy and I really like his style. Now, here's what's odd... I was thinking, 'He has to be a Capricorn.' Then, I think I'm dumb for thinking that. Then, I think I'm dumb for being into astrology to begin with. I rarely get people's signs right. Occasionally, I will guess the right element, but not sign. For example, think someone is a Taurus, but they are Capricorn. Those are both Earth signs. Well, guess what? I was right on this one! V is a Capricorn. Also, he has the same birthday and even year as Dawko. Don't know how much he is like Dawko, but here's something else strange...

I first saw Dawko in a gamers react compilation. My first impression was that he had to be a Capricorn! Lol. I'm a Capricorn too.

Another sign I'm fairly good at guessing is Taurus. Don't know why. I'm actually Taurus-rising, though.

Yeah, I just thought V looked (and sang) cool. I thought that me guessing he was a Capricorn was almost wishful thinking. Then again, maybe I specifically thought he seemed cool because I'm a Capricorn myself. Bit of bias there.

I don't think I could date my own sign, though. Not that I wouldnt... My husband was a Scorpio, on the cusp of Sagittarius (according to his birth time, Scorpio sun, though), but he was Capricorn-rising and Capricorn-moon.

Can I just point out that Capricorn-rising often seems to be very, very cute? I know I'm biased, but they often seem to have cute baby faces! Just an example... John Legend is Capricorn-rising. He's adorable.

And... I've always had a thing for Elijah Wood. Don't know if he has the cute, baby face thing going, but he's beautiful.

I'm either extremely depressing or frivolous in this journal. Maybe I'll find a middle ground soon. There's more "depressing" stuff I want to copy in here and then... Maybe I can somehow start writing more about my hobbies or something. Stuff I enjoy. Not because I care what anyone thinks about what I write in here, but more so for me. I mean, I care enough to the point that I don't get too personal in here, but just for me, I'll start focusing on more positive things... even if they are often frivolous.

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