The Real Me
2021-06-15 01:55:39 (UTC)

Motherfuckin memories

They are still there. They haunt me. I am fucking 31 now. 31. And I am still haunted by my past. I have had a few sessions of DBT therapy which have been helpful, this is the first time in a long time that I am having flashbacks and thinking of my past. I am not sure that I am even happy right now. Life with Mateo hasnt been easy, he has had his own fair share of trauma and issues, that he has taken out on me in the last 3 years. Things are good now, but they have not always been good.

His daughter is a fucking bitch, Meesa is ruining my fucking life. Sometimes I hate her with a passion and I wish she were dead because honestly she is a useless piece of fucking shit. Other times she's ok. She adds some level of quality to life. But why, oh why does she have to be so dramatic and rude and mean?

She's a privileged little white shit. Thats what angers me. After everything my people ( I dont even fucking like "my people" because they are cunts) have been thorugh and she has the absolute white avacado zoomer nerve to state that she is annoyed because she cant get her phone back and she doesnt "give a fuck about anyone including dad who may be dying" pisses me off.

You little piece of white shit.

You have never had anyone leave you.................................ok false.
You have never experienced death. True
Never lived without freedom or human rights
Or been told you are not1 good enough your entire life till you were 18....

Ok my point is, you didnt live my life and it was pretty fucking dark. So why dont you shut your pretty little fucking asshole up and do as your told.

You have an easy life Meesa, I wish I had your life. A father that loves you, a step ma that love you too, ok your mother is a cunt but whatever you have people that listen and care what ever the fuck more do you want?

I am tired.