Mundane Daily Life
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2021-06-14 22:12:40 (UTC)

14 June 2021

Tonight I just saw my friend's status and honestly I don't really understand. . .

A picture of her arm where she pressed something sharp to it multiple times without (fortunately) breaking the skin.

She's five years younger than me. Puberty hits hard, I guess, all those hormones, etc. Yet I can't say anything to her since I'm not that close with her. She would just think of a stranger like as a bother.

I just keep on wondering why would people. . . say, cut their arm and post the bloody wrist for all of them to see.

What's the point ? To gain attention ? To make someone else feels guilty ?

Just. . . why ?

The feeling to want to harm yourself. . . for me, is when you feel numb. When you hit rock bottom.

If the goal was to end your own life, wouldn't it be better to do it quietly so nobody knows about it ? When you plan to leave this world willingly, isn't it because no one care about you ? So why would you announce it to the world, to those people that might not even care about you at all, when you wouldn't even be able to see what's their response ?

Really. . . why ?