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2021-06-14 11:05:28 (UTC)


Its a grey, oppressive day in New York. The sky's eyes are heavy with tears about to burst forth. It threatens temper tantrums of thunder and lightning later. Can't say I blame it.

Work will consist of hours of combing through medical records, making sure everything is there, and then calling people only to ask them the same boring questions about covid as well as giving them the same damn surgical instructions that I already gave them when I scheduled their procedure. Ugh, but I guess this is what job security consists of nowadays.

My cat woke me up no less than 4 times before 5am and an obnoxious car alarm went off about 50 times after that. Let's give me a break and say I'm understandably cranky right now.

About to do my morning meditation if I can manage not to fall asleep while sitting. Wishing all of you marvelous beings a good day. Can't believe that some of you actually read my nonsense lol 😘