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2021-06-13 23:28:45 (UTC)

Random things

So, the result with the rheumatologist is that I had some lab results that pointed towards a sort of weak version of drug induced lupus. Now I'm slowly weaning off of a medication I've been taking for years. While I know that I should, it also makes me nervous because I was doing really well on it. No hypomania, no depression, and I started to build a life for myself again. I'm still on other meds but I'm not sure that they'll be enough to keep me stable. Still my psychiatrist won't be giving me anything to take its place for months until my bloodwork gets better. I'm trying to be positive but realistically, feeling a little anxious here.

In other news, doing an important rite of passage for every psychology student...taking statistics. Math has never been my strong suit but so far, its going okay maybe only because I had a little intro to it in a previous math class. Gaining an understanding of it is helping me to build confidence and strengthens the dream that one day, hopefully sooner than later, I'll be a research assistant. I was looking at the job boards and though, "hey, I'm almost there. I know how to do that job".

That said, in the mean time, working in my present capacity in the hospital still sucks. I hate it more than ever. Just waiting to finish this karmic prison sentence and am looking forward to better days.

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