The Semi-Reality of Life as I Know it
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2021-06-13 16:44:45 (UTC)

Sexuality: Why the labels?

With all of these different 'letters' now, I think I should just have a question mark next to my Sexuality! I'm not sure that even defines me! lol
Why do we even ask if someone is gay or a lesbian, or whatever? We never ask if someone is straight, do we? That bothers me. Grrrrrr.....

So I always have been attracted to certain women and men. I'm jealous of those gay boys who are confident in who they are. I wish that were me. Confident in who I am sexually, that is. Still working on that one.

If I fall in love with whoever one day, I just want to be happy and to hell with everyone else who doesn't like it, right?

Where are you my love? I'm ready to meet you.