If I die today
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2021-06-13 06:37:05 (UTC)


Yesterday I napped quite a bit and had dreams in my nap and overnight I was dreaming too. I've been pretty sleepy it seems and a little cranky. Slept last night from 9 or 10 till close to 7 so I'm okay now just sinus pressure so I'll do a sinus rinse lastr see if that doesnt do some good. Not sure why I'm dreaming so much. We took a 2 maybe 3 mileround trip bike ride about 7osh last night it was nice on the tandam bike what can I say I was scared a few times. I need to get over this fear I dont like going down hill I dont like being near traffic blah blah and well think I hvae vision problems now on the tamend all I can see is his back which is probally for the best. Anyhow my fear is an issue I'm not living a lot bc of fear of everything. Theres something to think about. this morning read gen 2 and 3 in the Hallalyajah however your spell it scriptures I took my time and used that names meaning book alongside so a lot of pausing to look up things. If I did learn anything in the readin it is that that word for heavens when it says God made heaven (s?) and earth fot my whole life thats what I've been reading anyhow the wording here equals to double dawns so that interesting doesnt tell me much about space or aliens or whatever but its the thing that stands out today. Been on the cranky edgy side mentally IDK what my deal is but I'm working on it as of right now I'm okay but I still have no exsplaingtion for my overwhelming attidude behavior and weird frustrations. Well guess thats all for now I mean if I leave this earth soon we better find someone my size who needs clothes lol. otherwise well nDea is my man he knows what to do.

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