Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-06-13 01:37:03 (UTC)

A little note for excellence

Mr B, for everything you did for me. Thank you
For the thought out plans
For the breaking of everything I thought I was
For the days your warmth burned me
For your deepest, wholesome love for allowing me to see inside you
For the nurture, you enveloped me with to keep me safe, help me learn
For ALL the hours, days, weeks, months, year's even you've given to me, for my development
My resilience was recognised because you lit it up
Alot of me was recognised because you opened my eyes
You know cruelty, as do I. You worked with what I knew best
You work by what others know best, and that's what makes you incredible.

A legend in my eyes
And I know you best too

From a deep-rooted place in my soul, I will always appreciate you and love you in the way that rides outside of time.

I just wanted to say thank you. No response needed.