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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-06-13 00:43:28 (UTC)

Tickly brainwash

Late late night quickie

It's all happening....things are changing again....minds are being tested....their infatuation is craving to stop aching.....I am just flowing.....still merging into new terrains....unfiltered by what lays ahead....unexpectant....open to life's zest and all she's showing me.....its rather incurably addictive when you sit back, feet up, and watch the worlds behaviours.....people are flaky....fickle.....demanding....wonky decisions that only serve to fuck them dry....I find my indifference my best asset.....to wait before responding...is undoubtedly a calling that serves me well....when my new eyes opened way back when my vision is so much clearer......not only from my mind's eye, perceptions, intuition but physically too.....I don't even need to wear my glasses when driving anymore....Ive fundamentally healed myself inside and outside.....Why do so many others seem so far behind me now?...... Im not entirely confident I'll find the man that can meet my levels any longer....my mind, body and soul are ultimately spiritually evolved now that anything I choose to pursue is achieved.....I'm so excited to see my growth going forward.....I feel so alive.

Part of everything naturally interlinked.

I keep moving with the speed the flow is taking me and it's fast but I do not feel dizzy. I am not confused, I'm ignited by it, it gears my cogs, oils my engine and steers me into exciting people, places, situations and opportunities. I cannot understand stillness unless it's in reflection. Something so important for my growth, where I will shut the world away for however long needed and relish in the quiet, the calm. Ah, I love the low hum of nothingness as much as I adore the world trembling beneath my feet as it shakes it back up again......fuck, these feelings and sensations are divine!

Exploration continues.....and as some fall behind, more show themselves. 💋