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2021-06-12 16:32:43 (UTC)


I think I’m disappointed in myself.
Disappointed that despite all the scolding I do to myself, I never change. No matter how self-reflection I do, I can’t ever do anything on my own. To change. Not change my personality but change my actions. I wouldn’t consider myself lazy if I was always doing something productive and working towards self improvement.

I know that, though I am writing this entry, when I press ‘save’ I’ll be going back to reading or sleeping. Nothing I can at least be proud of. I know that summer break is about rest but there are basic things that most people get done on a daily basis that I can’t even get out of bed to do.

Is it that I really just don’t care? Why is there no motivation or drive to do things?
I so wish I would just do it anyway.

It’s only (about) 4:40pm and I feel like I’ve spent all my energy for the day on reading and playing some games. Bye.

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