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2021-06-12 12:19:14 (UTC)

Detox Saturday 🤪

So some may know that I go to crossfit classes 5 times a week. Today was #5. This doesn't mean my body is rockin and I can get up and go first thing in the morning. Nope, not at all. I wake up and always needing to do a body check to see what dang muscles hurt on me. Too often I have one too many glasses of wine the night before. Many times muscles hurt that I don't even realize where muscles exist. I only find out when it hurts and I Google to see what muscle hurts and what it's called. In the morning, I get up and often find it hurts to even squat down on the toilet. I just find out as I sit. Ouch!!! hehe It makes me laugh but a sorry poor me kind of laugh. At times, I pull up my shirt and I again feel things like my lats and even pulling my shirt off of my head hurts my triceps. Taking off my shorts, I normally keep hold of my shorts so I can easily toss it into my hamper. But at times, it hurts to bend because my hamstrings hurt and that causes my balance to be a little off so it's hard to balance on one leg. At times like this morning, I'm thinking how will I survive this Sat morning's workout.

Somehow some way, I always make it to the Saturday morning session. We do warm ups and dang windmill stretches, everyone including me groan from the pain because it's morning and the body is just not agreeing. Yet somewhere along the line, our body recovers and all of a sudden, all the pain is gone. Don't know how or why but the blood gets flowing and all of a sudden, it's like being in a completely different body. TRX pushups, banded squats, banded side steps, plank up/down, bicep curls, overhead press, and tricep press? All of a sudden, the body just flips a switch and all that is doable. Not sure if it's peer pressure, self determination, or what? Dunno. I just know if I didn't hit the gym, I'd still be moaning and groaning (in a not fun non sexual way) due to the aches and pains the body feels in the morning.

So for peeps that are depressed or think working out is too hard or not for them, please please please give it a try. I'm home now and feel so amped up that I feel I'll implode if I don't go out and do something. Zoom-zoom!! 🏃🏻‍♂️