If I die today
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2021-06-12 07:14:28 (UTC)

change that moves me

Yesterday was ups down nuetreul all in between. A little cash (or a lot depending on your view) can change my mood in an instant. Spent an overdrafting amount at the store on clothes (facepalm) just to turn around with in the hour and find out that the refund for my last aprtment came thru minus 5??? hours of cleaning at around 100 then some claims about a lightbulb and other bs they tried to hold on to as dam much as they could but lets just say im still slightly past 4 digits in that check and then the electric refund for something to sneeze at. Anyhow I was so happy I dont wannna fight the apartments over the insane charges that are bogus and /I'm happy with my checks so superfical btw I wasnt flat tapped out strapped just that the checking account didnt have all my funds in it till a transfter so I didnt start at 0. Sorta in joking but in reality from the heart I told nDea if i die today you get all my money and Id like my parents repaid for the dental loan but thats up to you. WE had dinner out it was nice not the best as far as the particular restruan we would have been better at that next location as far as food. I had 1 loaded momsia with pineapple. He paid right now I still have all my money minus the roll of quaters the bank let me buy one thankfully he got 3 rolls outta his bank. Im still wanting a few things in clothes and I got a 60 kcash reward plus and extra 30 off on like the 26th or something IDK if they'll rope me in I'm worried about this clothes buying I might be over doing it even to fully revamp my clothes I'm loading up a bit I need to find out why this habbit is in play. Its not healthy. Slept at like man I think it was 145ish or something when I peed before I actually peed wokr op close to 8 and the dog had needs I cant say if he woke me up but I woke up he was there. No bad feelings or tension I greeted him and let him out. A small headahe started to kick in last night then well sex and it went away then a like 10 or 11 I took my pill bc it came back. Nothing really else much to say right now just need to get a grip on some self control and alos I gotta be wise and protect and be a good stewart with what I have oh the rent is increasing here for nDea its just shy of 500 and jumping up to almost ast much as my aprtment and its lot rent come on its just a freakin rv its like more than a 25percent increase if you ask me but I'm no math matichian so were gonna try to move the increase is coming in august so were looking hes feeling bitter which is apporiate its paying for nothing IDK when or how but we're gonna get something better or whatever and not be takne advatage of at somepoint.