La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-06-12 12:56:14 (UTC)

Staying positive.

Time seems to run by faster when your state of mind is not in the game. I've had a rough week. But am back on my feet ready to conquer my dreams and keep on beliving in me when no one else does. So today I woke up extra early dust my self off and am here waiting to do my first 2 exams. Wish me luck. I am determind to pull trough even if every one else is having fun.
I 'm finaly a owner of my esenssial oils online bussiness and am excited to get it going. I will be organizing some previous meetings with future clients this week and I will began mastering the aromatouch technique so that may be part of what I offer to my clients. An exclusive essencial oils massage that works on all levels of your body sistems.
My son is going camping this weekend, man that sounds like fun right now camping in the beautiful sights of Montana's nature. Glad to know he is enjoying his summer already. My doughter is been a sweet heart she knows I haven't been feeling my best and refuses to go to grandma's house she rather stay home and take care of me. She reminds me of a dear friend I have back home. Hope you all have a great weekend peeps life is beautiful smile!!

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