La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-06-03 14:01:00 (UTC)

Some times I wonder how am I ..

Some times I wonder how am I still here, yes I've endured a lot of phisical pain and emotional, but hey I have to find a way always to stay positive, other wise my life seems to have no meaning, so as hard as it may be some times I try to focuse on the positive, and I think this is what people at the end will remember me by, or at least I hope so. My doughter is been keeping me a little extra busy to be honest and she is quite the trupper. I need to start by giving her a rutine, or something to constantly keep her mind busy, she has twice as much energy as I do and man is that something. Any how on another note, I will be presenting my exams soon and need to start geting ready for that pronto, also finishing up this weekend with my other students they are finaly graduating and I'll see them in till next year so that's a good break already