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2021-06-12 11:28:55 (UTC)

Virtue-signalling The Virtue Signallers

I'm virtue-signalling the virtue-signallers. Before I explain how, I think those words were inspired by a Steven Crowder video called "Fact-Checking... The Fact Checkers" from August 25th, 2020. I don't even remember exactly what that video is about. It's on YouTube and I just always remembered the audio at 0:21 - 0:27 in the video. That shit was funny. Anyways... I guess if you're *fully* vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask in most places. Okay. I still will until Thursday. That's 2 weeks after my second dose. How many people, especially the ones who were pushing the masks so hard, are doing *that* ?

Also, I'll continue carrying a mask on me. If someone asks for my vaccine card, I'll put the mask on. I'm not trying to play Papers Please in real life!

I may have bitched more than others about these rules, but I followed them better than the hypocrites and Karens! Time to throw their own stupidity back at them! Unfortunately, this is probably the only place I'll get this message out. Many might think I'm being silly. That's fine. If I appear silly and/or stupid that proves my point... How stupid and/or silly this whole mask thing was. And for the people that say the masks are for saving others' lives - good, then I'm doing that! If I'm wrong about having to wait the 2 weeks after the second dose, at least I took the extra precaution, unlike many of the mask hypocrites and Karens. Never forget all of the hypocrisy. I may write about at least a few of the hypocrites soon.
By the way, I might be a hypocrite in another way. I didn't want the vaccine. My weakness makes me feel sick. I truly am an outcast - hoping I could be accepted among the non-vaccinated (and not judged because I got the damn thing), but not be part of the vaccinated.

Why did I get it? I want to get away so bad. I want to not be restricted in travelling. I feel like a coward. Please no one judge me too harshly.

The people who are for the vaccine are probably really confused by me, but so are people who are against it. I am in Limbo-Hell. I belong nowhere.

That's how it would be, anyway.

I wish someone on this Earth loved me. I want to die so, so bad. ☹☹☹