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2021-06-12 02:52:51 (UTC)

Masochist or Sub?

What's the difference?

A Masochist is someone who gets sexual gratification from pain and humiliation.

I don't need or want to be humiliated, or made to feel worthless.

That being said, I do have a need to be punished... I crave it.

This is more to help me get past my own faults, and insecurities.

I want, and need to be spanked, and talked to in a way that I understand that my partner is in charge and in control. But not talked down to in a negative way..

I need to be pushed to my limits.. Have a consequence for not obeying.. but also know that I can fully trust that no matter what, I am and will be fine.

One of my fantasies, is of being told to do something, and then threatened... with anal.

But its not a harsh threat... Its more suggestive. I already know what's going to happen when she tells me to roll over on my belly.

And in the fantasy, its never rough.... because this is something that pushes me to a limit.

At the sound of those words, my partner knows that I am already scared, and will have a hard time with this... but I will do it, because I want to please her. I want to be good, and I also want the reward.

So... does this make me a Masochist or a sub??

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