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2021-06-11 23:13:03 (UTC)

He Didn't Go...

I didn't really want him tagging along anyway, but Bryan made such a big deal about wanting us all to go out tonight as a family, and then last minute he decided not to go because of a stupid argument he had with Corey about a cord laying across the floor.

Corey was having a bad day emotionally. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but he terminated his friendship with Chloe. He Blocked her, deleted her... It's literally as if she never existed..except in his head.

He was also having problems with his boyfriend, because his boyfriend is still friends with her, and he doesn't like that. Not because of jealousy, but because he feels like if they are talking then he still is in some way connected to her still... and he just wants to be done.

I try not to meddle in his affairs, but did tell him that he can't choose who his boyfriend is friends with. Same way his boyfriend can't choose his friends. He's going to have to find a way to deal with it, or he may possibly lose his boyfriend...

Anyways, Bryan wanted to rearrange his room so the cord wouldn't be in the way.

Corey, near an autistic fit.. told him that he couldn't handle that kind of change right now. Please stop and leave me alone.

That's what he is supposed to do when he starts feeling overwhelmed. But Bryan wouldn't stop..just kept going on about the cord being on the floor, and Corey said something along the lines of "Everyone needs to stop mentally abusing me."

The thing is... Corey's tone wasn't serious. He really just wanted to be left alone and deal with the cord later.

But Bryan took it serious, and now is giving Corey the silent treatment. 🙄 So he didn't come out with us.

We had a good time without him though. Instead of going to the free movie at the park, we decided to take a walk by the bay and go pokemon hunting.

The weather was great, not too warm at all. There was a nice breeze and the sunset was beautiful. It's been awhile since I have been able to see one.

I used to walk all the time, but since I started working nights.. I've been missing out. I need to work on making time for me to do these things that I once found so much joy in.