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2021-06-11 17:57:40 (UTC)

Had a fun silly dream 🤪

It was earlier this week or last. Forgot when it was. It was about a little kitten. Don't ask my why. I don't have any pets nor craving to get one much less a cat. Yes, I did have a stray that I would hang out with at times outside my home but that was it. Anyway, it was a really small kitten if I recall. The color of the kitten was like a Garfield color which is I guess orangey? Again, It was really small. So it would be on it's back paws spread out like it was in attack mode. So small that I put the back of my finger to it and it would clamp on to me with all fours. Just wrapped around my finger and it didn't hurt or anything. I could feel the kitten's warm belly on the back of my finger and the fur on the side of my finger. So we'd play around with me on my knees next to a table showing it's head just above the edge of the table playing army or something with whatever it was on the other side. I'm making the kitten bob up and down, tilting it back and forward gently on my finger sneaking up on whatever was in front of us. I'm guessing sometimes when you dream, maybe you can dream of a time when you were at a certain age too? Dunno. Just recalling note to self. Stop taking those norcos or oxys with wine. hehe.

Happy Friday to me. Too exhausted to go out tonight. Tonight, my meetup friends are gonna go for pizza then watch the local races in Auburn CA. We have a friend that rides.