Days Remaining
2021-06-11 22:13:16 (UTC)

Back in IN for the summer

Been back in Evansville soince last Sunday. Everyday seems to be a list of issues. Mostly worry about Steve. He seems stuck in a situation that affords himn only the opportunity to break even. When there is a blip he is behind the eight ball. And then needs assistance. There is the worry about the next blip and what will happen when the family support vanishes. This is the case with Sarah as well to some degree. All this weighs on me. But life is always an uphill climb. I only wish there was a light at the end for them to be striving for. There doesn't seem to be. The goal appears to be to meet the day's challenge. One hopes for a day without a hick up. Vicki tells me that Steve can't sleep at night. Sinus problems? Surgery? Stress? Lost pay?

Life with Vicki has gone well enough over the last few days as she and Allison prepare to head south to be with Sarah and the babies. Of course, Allison will be seeing Gus. Her attitude towards me may have softened abit with my continued efforts to please, stay out from under foot and keep questions to a minimum. I'll see a little more of Steve after the girls leave town and they come over on weekends to swim. Jeff may swing by in a couple of weeks for a day. I want to get a better feel on how they are actually doing. Body and soul. Perhaps I might be able to offer some guidance or at least moral support.

Not doing myself any favors trying to work a CKD diet. In fact I am not. Vicki is not bothered with any special needs I may have or restrictions to be followed. Anbd I do not intend to bother her with them. Once she departs and with my first zoom conference with my dietician on the 20th I will try to implement a healthier approach to my eating habits. Also intend to kick of a gym membership. I need to establish a routine. I have been carrying on as if I am unaware of having one kidney operating at 40% and a dodgy heart. I do give myself full marks for dropping the drinking habit.

No word from Anne. Hopefully she is doing fine. I only have disappointing results for her any way.