Mermaids Bane

Ever piss off a witch?
2021-06-11 21:55:53 (UTC)


what a life mine has been lately. not even sure who my friend is. i say in the singular because it is just this one friend. she is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and i have grown weary of dealing with her and her subsequent bullshit. in the midst of a job change. starting one tomorrow, currently the other one is of unknown futures. they cant fire me, i have done nothing wrong. but someone tried desperately to get me fired. there are 3 current suspects and quite frankly none of them make sense, but all could logically be guilty. and while i am being prodded to seek revenge, i dont wish to, since i have quite literally landed in a better place despite the attempts of this person to the contrary.
im watching my daughter go thru the same hell i went through with my first husband, over my grandchild. i am trying to support her and assist her and it has created its own ecosystem of drama among the ranks. i dont even care, i would do the same for all my kids.
i am successfully running a farm by myself. pretty proud of that. i have friends i can depend on when i need more than one set of hands. but i have set things up in such a way that i dont often need help. finally got my mower to straighten up and act right. it does require a battery jump every single time i need to start it, but that can be done while i whack weeds. the running joke with friend J is that if i can start my mower, then the Kindle of K's that i gave her to use will act up, and vice versa. we joke that we have to coordinate to keep his ghost busy...
i dreamed of him last night, every time i dream of him there is sexual urging and longing, and almost always water is involved. last night we were on a boat, which was a dream of ours. i actually own a boat, free and clear, now. it spends most of its days on land, but the grandsons will enjoy it some day, its a paddle boat. :)
I planted a willow tree in the energy spot where K had his beloved giant fire pit. It is doing well. ive planted his lavender and canna lilies that friend JA's mom gave me, i am excited to see them bloom, they will be yellow and K loved cannas. the lavender is blooming right now. ive cleaned up the land, and most of the garages, and with friend Edgar bringing his tractor out, moved a bunch of stumps and debris off into the woods. I wish K was here to enjoy it with me. my sister tells me, he is there. i know his spirit is here, i miss his touch on my body, it is the thing i crave the most when he haunts my dreams. i want to feel his huge warm hand on my hip as i sleep, him playing with my curls when i am sad or moody. i feel there will never be another for me. sad to feel this, but also i am incredibly lucky to have been loved like he loved me.
i know my friends love me, well maybe except that one that i dont fully trust any more. i am surrounded by people who care for me, far more than any of my blood relatives do.

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