Rob Floyd
2021-06-11 14:50:19 (UTC)


I needed gas. I drove the shit out of my car last night, doing Uber, Ubereats, and a couple Lyfts. I tried to go to the Shell right outside of the gate, but of course its always a trainwreck. The pumps were completely full, and it looked like a gas tanker was there filling up the pumps. So I had to head to the one on the beach. That one is usually on point. I was able to fill up there without ever having to even go into the store. I headed back to base after that, to the food court. Ordered a big Arby's sandwich and some jalapeno poppers. I saw Dave, the old man who used to come into the computer lab alot, in the food court. I said hi, and was really in no mood to talk, as per usual. He did get a chance to ask me where I was working when I got up to ge a napkin. I blurted out that I was still in the same place, the V. He acted like he wanted to talk some more, but agan I was in kind of hurry and being that I'm just not a very outgoing person anyway, I took a big bite of my sandwich and minded my own business. I headed back to the V after finishing. Trsh had unloaded at me this morning about the new refrigerator in the breakroom. She wasnt mad at me, just venting about the whole situation. Lovely's husband had brought it in yesterday. Ts point was we should all have a say if we make changes to our employee breakroom. I dont know, I dont really see what the big deal is. We got a nice new refrigerator in there. I dont really know how the hell those 2 are going to get along. They are going to have to after Savvy leaves next week, cuz there will only be 3 of us here for a while and we'll all have to work together at least for a few weeks. I'm just gonna sit back and watch the world burn.
Going to the Shuckers BBall game tonight, with the wife and Dave. Wife and I's relationship is on a positive curve right now. Dont know how long it will last, but I'll try to ride it out as long as I can before we fight again and I go on one of my benders. D asked me the other day how much tickets were, then again the other day when I texted him about going again. That bugged me. Its like, what does it matter? If you cant afford to go then dont. Is there a certain threshold price that he wont go over? And if so, how the hell is he going to get a beer at the game? That's where the real cost is!

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