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2021-06-11 13:11:00 (UTC)


I sooo don’t want company this weekend.
It’s really got me in a funk.
Depression, stress through the roof, my head is spinning in so many directions.
I can’t focus.
My thoughts are negative.
I almost broke sobriety last night.
I managed to ignore the urge.

I don’t know why in the hell I suggested this…..

I will never be happy with my accomplishments in work around here.
If it was just me, hell yeah I’d be so proud….
But, it’s not…
I have this high standard on how a place should look, and I’ve been too relaxed and busy with other things.
I’ve put on weight.
I feel gross.
Mind you, it’s only 12 pounds, but that 12 pounds feel like 100 pounds.

*deep breath*

Going to nap and silently cry.

I will message you back tomorrow CK, and Pip.