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2021-06-11 17:21:13 (UTC)


I'm trying to keep my mind occupied. The asshole subordinate I guess is working full time again since he's been here for 3 days. I'm affraid I'll never see David again and I'm affraid I will. At least when Abraham was working I could go talk to David but if the asshole and the jealous bitch are working I can't go near him. They are no closer to hiring another person to work the desk so the bitch and the asshole aren't always here. I've had this feeling all morning that either something has happened or will happen and not for the better. I guess I just need to leave well enough alone for the time being. The twin flame thing should bring him charging back again. I have to remind myself that we have a special connection because of the twin flame thing. I wish I could break the bond so I will feel happy again. I almost wish I hadn't met him to begin with.