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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-06-11 16:52:13 (UTC)

Three masts up, one to go (lol)

Oh dear god, the artist is at it now :P .......my fault, lol.

I need to clean up the filth in my phones gallery, dicks everywhere! LOL, All beautiful, mind you.

Ed dropped his workload and replaced it with another load and sent me two luscious videos. Thank you, honey-pie.

Adonis dropped his work tools, replaced them with another tool, and sent me photos in his agreement of the naughty photos I sent.

I was working, you see, and my vag said it was time for a break. So I broke her a little bit, and half an hour or so later, she called for me again. I was walking down my stairs without knickers and just my white top on. I stopped on the stairs and kind of landed legs akimbo and an elbow on the stair above me....Well, it was an excellent opportunity, I thought. So those photos found their way to Ed and Adonis - Mr Scaffolder got none because he is on the naughty step (in my head, lol)

It's all very slutty, but I couldn't care less. I'm free with my body and sexuality, and I fancied winding up flags on some poles. The power of the divine feminine, aye? LMFAO. Ah, I do find this funny stuff :P

Anyway's, I have been ignoring the artist but thought, fuck it, ill wind him up too... I only sent him one photo. He responded as I expected; I cringed, he said, "He likes to edge" I said, "Boring!" he said, "It's not." I said, "It is, it's for wimps who don't embrace the animal in them, Lil subby's and bitch boys do that crap. Just fuck, fuck and fuck some more. Who cares how quick, how long, how fast or slow you orgasm. Just enjoy it all!" he said, "Just you wait until I unload my bollocks in you." I cringed and replied, "Confident," he says, "Very. Balls deep and bareback. Have it dripping from you." I replied, "yeah, yeah", he says, "Ooo, playing the psychological card, eh?" I reply, "Nope, no time for that shit." he sends a thinking emoji. I say, "Oops, is someone confuzzled?" he says, " Nope, just need an aggressive handjob...." I reply, "Spit spot then." Three minutes later, he says, "Balls are full and testosterone pumping right now." I reply, "Balls are happy then."

Mr Scaffolder got extra confident too, I hadn't been responding, but he messaged me a few things and implied that if I WAS lucky, I could have him. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, shut up, you twat! I did send a message then and said, "Swing that around treacle works the other way, I'm afraid." he sent me two kisses with a kiss emoji and a wink.

LOL, my man tribe are performing on good steam....to be fair, they have to be if they can satisfy me in the bedroom, well, mostly keep up. Warm-ups, for me, usually are a guy's main performance. Well, the guys I've been with anyway, which isn't much to write home about, lol. Even the doms were pathetic. I need them to build the cock love at home first and get used to cumming a lot daily (except for the artist, perhaps, lol). So far, so good. I don't often write about their everyday masturbations because it can get boring writing about it. I think the abusers have created me into an abuser because clearly, what I am doing is majorly manipulative and calculated.

Oh well.........