Teen Life
2021-06-11 16:00:23 (UTC)

Long distance relationship

I found out so much today. Don’t get excited it’s not about my crush, it’s about the guy Chloe was talking to, WAS.

Me and Tre weren’t sitting near each other in almost any lessons today but I kept seeing him look at me from across the room. It made my heart beat real fast and we kept making eye contact but it wasn’t for any longer than 3 seconds cos I kept looking away cos it’s a bit embarrassing and hard to stare into his eyes for long. After I looked away he looked away and we both looked down awkwardly.

I have hope that he likes me but every time he talks to some other girl - especially the ones I hate - it makes me burn on the inside. Why do they have to sit near/next to him? Why not me? I wanna sit next to him. Not those little brats. I even think about going to the teacher and saying ‘please can I sit next to Tyrese as the new seating plan’ and then a believable excuse like ‘cos the guy next to me is really annoying’ or ‘because I can’t c the board’ or ‘cos I am at the opposite side of the classroom than my friend who sits one seat away from him’ or ‘cos that seat seems much better than my one’ or something, ANYTHING to be able to sit near him and talk to him. I really do need to get his number so that we can chat and get close, at least maybe become his girl best friend and then hopefully more.

He always knows how to make me smile and he is such a nice guy. I mean, he doesn’t fight ppl, he doesn’t do weird things like other boys in my class, he is really funny without doing anything really weird, he tries to keep peace within the other boys and he’s just, he’s just everything I look for in a guy. If I didn’t like him then I don’t think I would like anyone else in the world. I KNOW that he is the one for me and I wanna give US a try. I just need to find out how??? If u have any ideas at all about how I can get his number or get him to ike me or just anything at all that could help me then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know by responding to this entry.

Anyways. Today I found out that the guy Chloe was chatting to and actually liked was just using her for her body. No they didn’t have sex or do anything intimate (they’re only 14) but he kept touching her and stuff. He was talking to another girl but also talking to Chloe and Chloe said she didn’t want to get with him if he was still talking to the other girl.

Only 24h ago he was snapping her and stuff and he even almost asked for nudes! Which obviously Chloe did NOT send. Yesterday he held Chloe’s hand in DT under the table but Ella A (who was also crushing on him) saw and then told Patrick (who was in a mood with Chloe) who then told Renee (who hates Chloe) who then told a lot of ppl. Apparently they had a big WhatsApp call and they were accusing Chloe of stuff (not Ella A) and Ruby H was defending Chloe and Chloe was defending herself and denying everything cos she thought that Aston actually liked her (and they had previously dated and she gave him a second chance).

Today Aston said he just wanted to be friends and some other guys in Chloe’s class said that Aston just uses girls for what he wants and stuff so Chloe feels so betrayed and upset. Nothing technically happened between them but Aston said that he didn’t care about the other girl and he only liked Chloe which was obviously a big, FAT lie. Chloe said that if Aston said he liked her again in the future then she would probably fall for him again and I was like “if that happened I would warn u and make sure u don’t”

I feel so sad for Chloe as he actually thought it could work out.

Dont forget to please message me if u have any tips for getting my crush’s number or getting him to like me or finding out if he likes me.