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2021-06-11 08:40:00 (UTC)

Cheers to the freaking weekend ❤️

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"It's Friday, time to make stories for Monday! Enjoy it"
Good Morning!☀️
It's another gorgeous sunny and hot day. It seems like we completely missed Spring. We went right from Winter to Summer lol. Spring is my favorite season. It's a rebirth of everything, people included. I had a good evening. Self-pampering session lol, I did a hair, foot mask, pedicure, and face mask while I watched 50 shades! haha such a perv for BDSM I am, although it's a poor portrayal of what BDSM really is, to me it's the connection they share and how protective he is that just makes me so addicted to that movie. I feel refreshed this morning and ready to conquer the day.

I went for another run this morning and did not see Mr.Creepy Dude again, yay! Another for the win. I am thinking, hoping that it was just a weird occurrence but yes I will keep my eyes open and be cautious. Maybe he seen I do not play victim or scared girl well lol. One can hope. I am nobody's victim.

I slept really well and had a dream I won the Princess Margaret Cottage Lottery. lol, I had won the Muskoka Grand Prize. I did enter the draw already a month ago haha. Could you imagine winning one of those 3 cottages? I think I would either sell it and gift the money to my children or give them the cottage, minus all the furniture lol, I want that, ok well some haha. I would never sell mine. I just wanted to take a chance, for $100.00, why not? If I could gift my kids the cottage or the money and help charity at the same time. It would be a win either way. The draw is on June 15, wish me luck! haha.

I work again today for the morning then my girlfriend M is meeting me here and we are heading off furniture shopping! She needs some things for her house and I am also looking for new furniture for my cottage then we are doing lunch or early dinner, not sure. I think today may be easier as he's not in today so I am hoping it's much smoother than the last few days. It has felt like a much longer week than it has been. After today I am off until mid-week yay! I need it. It's been extremely stressful. I still feel quite stagnant and stuck in my job and have updated my resume on LinkedIn and open to new possibilities. I know going back to job A isn't something I am going to do. I do not think I would ever be comfortable there again and that is important to me.

I do not think I will be writing this weekend as I intend to take advantage of the weekend. I have a bbq on Saturday afternoon and shopping today. So I think I will spend it away from my laptop. I really need to run and get some non-essential things lol Thanks, fordnation (you asshole lol) Speaking of him. Please do to get me wrong, I did like him. I really did but how he has handled this whole pandemic and literally profited off of it. I cannot stand him. Premier Doug Ford’s government is calling back the Ontario Legislature to invoke the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause and override a recent court ruling that tossed out new rules limiting third-party political advertising before elections. It is a rarely used clause that allows the federal, provincial and territorial governments to void parts of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to pursue their legislative agendas. What the heck, how is that right? Isn't the Charter of Rights and Freedoms our only safety net against this type of corruption? This is the first time he's called an Emergency Legislature in 16 months in order to pass this clause and silence his critics. Not once did he call one for school closures, overwhelmed hospitals, or the number of countless preventative deaths in long-term care homes. He does not want his failures brought to light and claimed it's to protect the public, which I call bullpoopy lol. He needs to go and he can take Fidel Castro's son Trudeau with him lol. Seriously, they do look alike though lol Rant over haha.

Ok, off to finish getting ready for work! Cheers to the fricking weekend!!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!!❤️

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