If I die today
2021-06-11 06:00:30 (UTC)

step up

Yesterday at tTarge I got a single step ladder folding this thing was hanging on a hook by its handle the step ladder was hooked in it was on the top hook and well who puts a ladder up high ? The thing fell hit me in the right eye area when I got it . Still a little sore nDea says theres a mark. I dont think it was enough impact to make any reall long term damage but still this is my life. Today shoe shopping using my kohls cash coupons. but first wakin up stretch IM on the fence of walk or run the wind is up a little but I also just am not wanting to sweat bc I dont wanna shower till tongith but whatever. I got a few little organzing tools from the store yesterday even some little staking shelves to put on te table where my coffee stuff is I can replace taht basket. Got a laundry basket for my used clothes that arnt ready for the wash just yet but that are still dirty. the hallulyah scriptures arrived yesterday to my suprise. I think just the day before it said it was in NJ so anywhow it did get here much quicker that i thought less than a week since I put that order in. Slept on and off last night from about 10 till 515 I did get up and get coffee going and such. Had a good morning with my love not like a sex thing but just we were hanging out makin jokes and stuff it was sweet. I want to practie portion control with my diet so if that cuts back on some of the weight gain particly bloating. Im having knee pains again I think its the weight or could be the change of excersice but likely the weight I just cant carry the extra lbs. I'm sure some of it is fat and drinking isnt helping the case but I have cut back and right now have some control on that. the smoking pot is a factor im sure bc well taht changes the appeiete plus also I probaly forget all I eat ha. Then then theres also wheat and flour based foods plus cheese. i'm a little outta habbit trying some diffrent choices to try to well be normal althou I dont think nDea would care too much about my diet but I know it would be boring for him. no news on the divorce this week. The trip to the store today could impact my budget and I gotta be prepared for when the po box i due plus prime day. so I have to excersize self control. I think I am going to subscribe to the essectrics streaming its a good deal and practical since thats what I like. Had some dreams last night too so thats like a few nights in a row of dreaming. Otherwise IDK nothing really new or exciting or productive to note