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2021-06-11 07:09:14 (UTC)

H cussed like a demonic demon, screaming between words

Wednesday night H came home from work, looking horrible. I put her bed at 7pm. I stayed up, working on my new book, and having a few drinks. Around 9:00 p.m., I stripped in the living room, having a seat in my chair. I turned off the TV, and started carassing my balls. My penis went erect with a quickness. I edge myself a few times, before exploded my semen everywhere. It was all over my body, the chair, the floor, and even a little bit on my stand. Damn that was a hell of a load I had. Around 11:00 I went to bed.

Thursday morning, after H left for work, I masturbated again, this time in the bedroom. I went to my parents house around 9:00 a.m., having breakfast with them. They're doing good, but old age is catching up with them. For the first time in my Dad's life, he hired someone to mow his grass at 79.

Last week H pulled out these end tables from someone's garbage. She wanted me to make them into raised garden beds. To add, to what we already have. I spent a few hours in my shed, doing that for her. Yeah they turned out pretty nice. In other raised beds, we have green cherry tomatoes, regular tomato plants, pepper plants, cucumbers are up about 2 inches, onions are ready to be picked, so is the spinach.

H call after she left her doctor's appointment. She did get her cortisone shots, in her knees. She said that helped a lot. Her ear problem is from a cut that she has inside the ear, that appears to be irritated. The doctor called in a prescription of ear drop, to help with the irritation.

At work H's co-teacher, set her up. H was talking a employee about another employee. The co-teacher called that said employee, placing the call on speakerphone, without H, knowing about it. Apparently all the women are into it now at her work. The funny part is everyone said the same thing at work about this lady, and she knows it. But this lady is only a pissed at H. I feel sorry for her. I hate that type of drama.

After work, H fixed backed fish, spring rolls, and asparagus. Turned out pretty good. H thanked me for the stands, saying they turned out better than she thought they would. Around 7:30 we went to the bedroom. You could definitely tell, that a lot of the pain was gone from Hs body. The shot helped a lot. I started off, crawling between ages legs. Separated her legs, I kissed and nippled a bit, of her inner thighs. H has not shaved in about a week, and was slightly grown out. Licking her outer lips, H moaned. Slowly I licked between her lips, making sure not to touch her clit or hole. When I finally pressed my tongue in deep enough, I brushed over her clit, sending H in a frenzy. Repeatedly, I lightly licked her clit over and over again. H cussed, and squirmed all over the bed.

Separating her lips, with my hands, I forced my tongue, in her tightly woven hole. Actually it took multiple attempts, to fully get my tongue in. H gasp for very loud, her knuckles were white, squeezing on the bed linens. I lick the full length of Hs vagina, taking her clit between my lips to suck. H became extremely vocal, I loved it. I had H, on the verge of an orgasm, and I kept her there. H begged for me to make her orgasm. After several minutes, I sucked her clit with intensity, then I begin to humm, while I rubbed her hole with my finger. H cussed, having a very intense orgasm.

I did not let up, and H tried to squirm to get away from me. It only took a few minutes to bring H to another small orgasm. Still suck on her clit, and having many way on it, I picked up a vibrating wand. Placing the wand over her hole, I turned it on, while sucking her clit. H cussed like a demonic demon, screaming between words. When she would get close to an orgasm, I would pull the wand off. I did this probably for about 5 minutes, then I turned the wand on high. Hs breathing became erratic and loud. When the orgasm came, H was screaming at the top of her lungs, and her juices was flying all through the air, all over me and the bed. I didn't move the wand, and H immediately went from one organism to another. It was beautiful, watching her juices squirt out of her pussy.

I slap H's pussy, telling her to get her ass in the air, face of the headboard. We both moved with a quickness. On my knees, I held my penis, forcing it, into her overly tight pussy. H screamed out, as I penetrated her body. Mmm she felt so dam fine... I gripped H's ass very tightly, doing long hard pounding thrust. Dam, I could not get enough of her pussy. I felt like a rockstar making love to H. My hips felt good, and I took full advantage of that. At one point I was fucking H hard and fast, but the only thing touching her body, was my penis and hands. H screamed, begging for more of that. Other times, my body was slamming in your hers hard and fast. It became a very intense, bonding session. That we both needed. H had multiple orgasms, I didn't keep track of how many. I slapped H's ass, and told her, I owned her pussy. I must have went over 15 minutes.

Laying on our backs out of breath, I rolled over, molesting Hs watermelons. Her nipples were suckable, and taste good. H stroked my cock, and teased her penis. I had H move her ass in the air, facing the closet. I went to my knees, pushing my cock in. I was off the pads, sliding around like a toddler on ice. I moved off the bed, and had H to adjust the pads. H had her ass back up in the air and no time. Standing, I struck my cock, and fingered H's hole. Once I was fully erect, I climbed on the bed.

Pressing back into H, her pussy was hot, wet, with her muscles contracting around my cock. It was pure paradise. The sounds of me pounding her, were louder than the moans and screams, we were making. I went to fucking, H in oval pattern. H loves this. If you ever get a chance, try that. H must have had four or five orgasms. We probably went for another good 15 minutes. I have no idea where the hell this energy came from, but I was loving it. Finally the pain took over, and I was forced to move.

Laying in the bed, we took turns masturbating my cock, until I experience my explosion. H comment on the volume that I had. We probably cuddled over for 20 minutes, before getting back out of bed. I was telling H, about some of the comments that people were talking about, for my last entry. She asked what the hell did I write LOL. I told her. She laughed. She said her coworkers did the same thing to her, this week. She said people don't get it, that you can not agree with someone, be upset with them on one subject, but still love them and not cuss or yell. Doesn't mean we were happy, hell no. Eventually we did see it from each other's points of view. H did say, the other factors in her life, made the situation more than it should have been. But as of this moment, not only are real the same page, but we're on the same sentence of the same paragraph!

We tried to get a hold of M last night. We have not heard from him yet. We decided we're staying in town this weekend, I would really like to fuck a man his weekend. I'm talking to a few people online this week, but none of them seem to be real. I am talking to a 21-year-old, very hot. I hope he's real, but probably not LOL

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