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2021-06-11 11:35:54 (UTC)

Funny Business

I seem to get little naughty stalkers follow me from one dating site to another and try to pick up a conversation again with me. One little naughty stalker who only has ONE photo (usually dodgy when they have that) messaged me on the other dating app, "Hello there, how are you fairing on here?" I reply, "Well, look who it is." He asks direct questions without acknowledging my incurable wit (LOL), which bored me almost instantly. I decided I want to get rid of this guy. So I gave him catty answers. After his three straightforward, unanimated questions, he says, "Can I have your number?" I say, "Well, aren't you full of it on this gloomy, cloudy day?" he replies, "I am, yes." I say, "Tell you what, I'll do you a deal." He replies, "Go on..." I say, "If you can make the sunshine come out, I'll give you my number." He says, "Okay, I'll get my sun hat and start a sun dance." I reply, "Excellent! Put everything you've got into it." He went offline.

Hahahahahahahahaha!! Job done.

Mr Scaffolder was very animated all day and night yesterday, then says at around half ten at night, "Will you be staying up later tonight?" I say, 'Why?" he says, "Well, Im just going to have, a bath and I like talking to you. I want to keep texting if that's okay with you?" I reply, "I'll be here and there, so possibly." He says, "Okay, cool. Text soon." However, about an hour or so later, I fall asleep. When I wake up in the morning, there is a text from him around midnight saying, "Sorry! I was chatting to my brother (he shares his home with his brother), and he didn't stop for ages." I see this text and thought, right you! You can go without me all day now. Although I did fall asleep anyway, lol, he didn't know that, and I am not going to be devalued and forgotten. Nevertheless, I just received a text from him at 12.11 pm saying, "You're quiet today?" mhm, I will be for the rest of today too, lololol.

Ed sent me an animated happy, "Good morning, you sexy fucker!" text, and when I read it, I thought, yep his been wanking again, LMAO. I was right; we've been texting today; he had been wanking over some pics I sent him yesterday. Because the night before yesterday when I was working on some designs on my carpet. I rolled over onto my back to stretch, and my boob popped out of my bra, so I took a photo. I'm a bit of an avid photographer of my bits, I suppose a bit of an exhibitionist, lol. Then when I rolled back onto my tummy, my short shorts rode up my bum crack, so I took another photo. I got horny because as my boob popped out, I brushed it with my hand (triggered!); then, as my shorts went up, my crack, my pussy pushed against the carpet, and I was activated again. I wanted to be fucked on the carpet from behind, pinned. I didn't tell Ed that information but just sent him the photos, "Oops, my boob popped out, and my shorts rode up my bum!" Those very pics were Ed's wank material this morning, and he said he cannot get it out of his mind all day so far of pinning me down and fucking me hard from behind on the carpet.

You saucy devil, Eddie....mwah, I so want to fuck you. What a great whirl it would be! Oh, he sent me a photo of himself yesterday too, not a naughty one, just a regular selfie, and he looked buff. Lovely blue and white shirt, a tan from his lounging in the garden and a smile! I told him it was a lovely photo. I was pleased to see him smiling again :))

Adonis has been on a texting rampage LOL. I told him we're not Virgos anymore; we're a lion and lioness! He has fantastic hair and sent me a photo of his hair when it's wild, like mine is much of the time now, lol. Adonis has long dark black hair, very dark brown eyes, and pale skin with a black beard. He is half Egyptian, half English and is fucking spectacular to gaze upon, but despite his lack of understanding women, he has withstood the tests with me so far, including when I have been a super cunt, LOL. It makes him fight harder to keep me around, mmmm. He was digging a pond with a friend in Ireland yesterday, and today, he has been sending me photos. I also want to have sex with Adonis. He is the most disturbed sexually than the rest of my man tribe but as you know, so am I. LOL Soooo, all good for me. Adonis is quite tender with me right now; he says things and does things to imply a union of us.

Mr Artist, I ignored yesterday. I've already gone off him, and my mind has been made up. I don't care how tasty your giant cock is baby, I need other, more important things in my world, and it isn't just a hardon. He has text again today, this time trying to be sly by sending me two funny memes. This obviously is something I respond to because I can't resist a giggle; all I replied with was, "lol", and then he online instantly asking, "how are you?" I didn't respond, but he keeps coming online when I am online. I'll let him figure it out.

I've had no more contact from Prime, thank fkn god! Let's hope it stays that way!

There are a few more guys Im casually chatting to on the dating apps, but I'm not overly engaged in them. Got to keep the bowl flowing if i want to meet my future man, eh :D