the pursuit of happiness
2021-06-11 04:43:51 (UTC)

Next morning

I woke up earlier than normal and slept through the night, mostly.

I woke up feeling like I just stepped out of a sauna. I was wet, with thick sweat head to toe. I felt like I should throw up and when I went to sit on my bed walking back from the bathroom, I was dizzy as hell.

Fast forward 10 minutes… I turned on the ac and laid there for those 10 minutes. I stripped down to my underwear and thought how the hell am I going to work on the house like this… and hide this from everyone? Well after I laid there, I feel 80% better. I’m not nauseous and I’m not so dizzy. I’m not sweating profusely either.

My son likes to sleep with the door closed and a hot humidifier going. I suspect it was on high. The room is still warm-ish.

Here is a little weird thing about me. Ever since I was a kid, when I’d get sick, I’d essentially sweat it out. It’s a natural thing that happens to me. I get the cold/ flu and my body says fuck-it. I’m going to boil it away. So I spoke 104-105 fevers and it lasts just a short while. Maybe building for an hour and then it reached its highest fever and hold on until I break it. I’ve never had one like this morning. I was full on expecting to hallucinate…

But right now, I’m ok. Freaking weird.

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