live from the pinkroom
2021-06-11 09:59:29 (UTC)

And it was beautiful

As part of my 30 days of gratitude, I decided to awaken at 5:00am in the morning. Usually I would wake up at 6:00am, just in time to do some quick yoga and get ready for work. Then I'd come from work and I'd spend the evening chatting with guys I met recently. And as an introvert, it takes my energy and leaves little time for me to connect with myself, which I need. '

Getting up at 5:00am has helped dedicate time to my inner being and just reconnect. And the best apart about it is that it is when everyone else is asleep and world around me is quiet. And there is something about those quiet moments that truly comforts me. Something about that silence. Perhaps its because the quiet allows me to hear my thoughts completely and loudly, and I love that I can. My days are filled with interactions with a lot of persons and work gets hectic. It makes the sound from the outside world loud, demanding and even imposing. Thus, when I finally started waking up at 5:00am, taking time to revel in the silence while bringing awareness to inner self, I found great comfort in the moment and it was beautiful.

Xoxo much love, love. ;)

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