The World Behind My Wall
2021-06-10 23:42:19 (UTC)

Shadow work day 3

What was the last impossible thing you did?

The last impossible thing I did was probably my trip to Iceland. I had broken up with my fiance and decided I needed to get out for a bit. So I did the impossible to me which was going on my first international trip. I looked at my best friend and asked him if he would take a trip with me. I listen out a few places Including Iceland and the UK. We chose Iceland and it was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. It was like something out of a fairy tale. The first part of the trip was so stressful because 1. It was an 18-hour flight with a 9-hour layover in New York, I didn't sleep the entire time except for like 30 minutes, but got woken up of course. Then I reserved my car at the wrong airport, and they gave me a manual when I can only drive an automatic even though I knew for a fact I had reserved an automatic. Then I had to pay $500 more for an SUV because they didn't have any automatics left in the car I had reserved. After we got our car and were on our way to our Air BnB our GPS wasn't working and everything was in a different language so I had to figure it out. Thankfully I got us there. Also, I had no damn idea that the car had an auto stop and start feature so when we were sitting at a red light the car turned off and I panicked. Great time. We got settled and took a nap then went to the ocean that was behind where we were staying. My best friend had our car keys in his pocket and they ended up falling in the ocean. Day 1 and I was already over this trip and wanted to go home. We paid $200 for new keys and then our host sent us over new house keys. After that our trip was smooth sailing. It rained the entire time we were there, but we still did a bit of hiking and sightseeing. I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat. One day when I get married I would love to honeymoon there. I did the impossible...well something that I always thought would be impossible to me. And I did it with my bestfriend. It doesn't get better than that.