Songbird System

2021-06-11 09:06:32 (UTC)


Um I'm really goddamn depressed and stressed and anxious and every goddamn second feels like years in this goddamn nightmare of a mental state I'm in

so yeah um doing really not well. I think that's obvious. I'm not suicidal anymore...I think. I really should be more confident about that. I really need to contact my therapist but I still don't know what my dad is spying on and what he isn't. And I'm super scared of phones again because my dad screams at me literally everyday. I care way too much about people. Morgan, you goddam fucking idiot. I love you.

...Uh, I probably should just try it out. But even the thought of making an appointment makes me vomit. Literally. Vomit. It wasn't fun cleaning up. Not to mention my mom continues to put more and more pressure on me. I'm like her goddamn therapist. What the fuck. I'm just so fucking tired.

I don't know what to do. I can't stand this. But I literally can't stand my entire fucking life so what's new there? All my life has been nothing but pure fucking misery. Fuck this shit. I'm just so tired.

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