Forever missing you

Dear Benny
2021-06-11 04:41:13 (UTC)

I keep getting distracted daydreaming about you

If I don't want you anymore, and I KNOW I don't realistically want to be with you anymore, then why do I keep getting distracted daydreaming about you changing your mind? It's not even like it's the same way as it used to be, I don't even think about you most of the time, but every few days I get distracted thinking about how nice it would be to get a chance at the life we used to say we'd have. I don't even think I'd say yes if you wanted me back. Even if I were to consider it I'd ask for time, a lot of time, to get settled and think before I decide if I wanted to take you back. Yet here I am, daydreaming about twirling in the snow and having you realized you made a mistake and change your mind, and me maybe thinking it's not too late after all even though I know it is.

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