Bipolar Rapunzel

The Mind of a Bisexual Bipolar Rapunzel
2021-06-10 18:34:04 (UTC)

What brings you joy?..

I never realized there was a button on this site that would give you diary prompts you could choose from.

So I clicked on it. And the first prompt that showed up was 'What brings you joy?'

What brings me joy?

Teh. Teh brings me joy. His messages make me smile.

The thought of being home with all of my friends and family.

My job. I love the people I work with. I just wish I could take them with me when I go home.

I miss my joy. I miss how happy I was when I came out as bisexual and when I felt so free. Now, I'm not free. I try so hard to be free. But its hard when you don't have support.

I miss my joy. Its been gone for far too long.

So it goes..

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