2021-06-10 16:57:25 (UTC)

Almost Caught

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

This happened back in January but it popped into my mind. One night I was scraping my various bowls and bongs to get resin cause I was desperate to get high, I was stressed allow it!!!, and I hear a knock at the door. Strange I thought so I go to answer it and there is a cop standing right there and this is how you know I am a bad "criminal" my face fell to the floor my heart was in my ass but he just said "Excuse me do you know who owns this blue car over there?" and I said yeah my two doors down upstairs neighbor and I said that he scared the shit out of me. We laughed and he went about his business and I got high. That was funny but I bet my face when I opened that door made me look guilty of something. The blue car was parked in a handicapped or towaway spot was the issue. I was scared shitless lol. In Nebraska, it is decriminalized (weed) and has been for years but if you are caught with it you still get a fine or if over an ounce, jail time. But I am on Social Security and am mentally disabled although I hate that term, I am afraid of getting kicked off it. Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day.

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