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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2021-06-10 17:39:00 (UTC)

Why not torture myself ❤️

Listening to: Always remember us this way - Lady Gaga
"There's a lot of talk about self-love, self-care, self-worth.....I talk about it all the time because it is very important to love yourself, to take care of yourself mentally and physically, to have self-esteem. But don't get it twisted that just because you love yourself doesn't mean you don't have a desire for love. A longing to be with someone. That is not a weakness, that is a normal part of living"
Good Evening!🌙
That song really strikes something in me. The movie it comes from strikes something in me (A Star is Born)

I forgot to write about my run this morning and Mr. Weird Man. I did manage my run at my usual time at the park and I did not see him today, nothing on my car, nothing out of the ordinary, counting that as a win. E told me not to put my guard down, sometimes people do that to make you drop your guard, Yes Mr. Bossy Pants haha. I know he only says it because he cares and I appreciate him❤️

Today, since work ended has been a good day. At work? Not so much. There is always one person who seems to make life difficult no matter what job you go to. Today was no different, from someone hired last, he sure has a god complex and thinks he runs the place and does literally nothing while all the hard workers, work. In a polite manner several times I made it clear there is work to be done. Somehow he would just vanish or pretend to be busy elsewhere. I grew frustrated to the point I walked away to get some fresh air and came back and just focused on what I could do and just ignore his drama. It ended and I closed my laptop and took a few moments to clear my head and leave work there. It took a bit but I managed to put it behind me. Something I need to work on more.

After that, I ran a few errands and popped in on E. He just woke from a long shift and was more than happy to receive the Americano I picked him up lol. We had a good visit. We discussed making a trip to the cottage next Friday ([possibly for the night, or weekend) to see how it's looking. I have had video chats and pictures all week but to see it in person is another thing. If we go, which I am 95% sure we will, we will invite my girlfriend M to come with us. She has seen pictures and videos but has not seen it in person. I wanted to go this Saturday but I have plans for Saturday evening.

I think M has a bit of a crush on E. I know she's talking to, seeing another but she does blush when his name comes up and has a silly smile. I would totally support that if that's the way it actually went but I am not going to meddle in it. They are grown adults and besides lol, E doesn't like me setting him up with people. I have had a bad record in past attempts lol. M is supposed to be going out with the guy she's been talking to soon. She had one of her exes send her a message today lol, Mercury Retrograde! haha. Exes can come back, reconnections can happen. Soulmates and Twinflames are known to reconnect during this period. I have seen it happen. We all want that soul connection, ultimately we all want love, I know I do. I miss it. I miss the cuddles and the kisses and the Good Morning and Good night texts. I miss it all but I trust in divine timing and the universe to bring me what's mine when it's meant to be.

Tonight? Watering my plants outside then more couch cuddles with my puppy and a chick flick lol. I think I will watch "A Star is Born" again haha. Why not torture myself with a sappy chick flick lol. Besides, Bradley Cooper is a hottie!😍and well I watched all my Chicago Series I had recorded already this week lol and it's too hot to do much else. I am going to give myself a pedicure tonight too, maybe a hair and face mask too, why not go all out lol. Tomorrow things open and I am SO excited. Now we just need salons to open so I can get my nails and hair done and I will be one happy camper haha.

Have a wonderful night!❤️