my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-06-10 20:59:35 (UTC)

bad choices make good stories

Yesterday, I went to my gramdmother’s house with my mom and dad. We had dinner there. I had to tell this, becuse today I had to go there again. My mother forgor her phone and I took it back. Of course, I drank some coffee with her, then we ate some fruit. She also forced me to have lunch... I didn’t want to go there at first, and my mom said that I’m selfish and I’m only thinking abour myself.
When I left my grandma’s home, I didn’t eat lumch at our home. I waited for my mother and we went out. We went to bank and changed a tshirt in a clothes shop. I didn’t like the tshirt so much, but it was the best one in the shop. At least I thought like that becausr I found better things after the shopping. Probably I decided too fast but I’m not sad becausr of my decision. You know, bad decisions make good stories.